Our Classes & Timetable

There's something for everyone


Our CrossFit classes are designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger. In each session, we use the CrossFit methodology of mixing gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio-based exercises. We vary our classes daily, changing the workouts  and performing each at a high intensity. We use functional movements such as squats and dead-lifts to promote longevity in our members’ lives. Our sessions are universally scalable to each individual irrespective of ability.


Our high intensity Bootcamp sessions are designed to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness, build lean muscle, lose fat, improve cardiovascular health, boost metabolism and increase endurance. HIIT (high intensity) workouts burn more calories, both during and after the workout than traditional workouts, despite being shorter in duration.


Our personal trainers help our clients achieve their personal goals. We aim to go the extra mile by ensuring our clients receive just as much help and advice outside of the gym as they do in each session. Personal training is ultimately down to the individual and what they want to get out of each session; our job is to make sure this happens.


Our weightlifting classes are for people of all abilities, from novices to competitive weightlifters. Our fully qualified Level 2 weightlifting coach will teach you how to perform the snatch and clean & jerk. You’ll learn the fundamentals and only increase weight when you become confident and show you can safely perform these movements. We are the only club in the upper Rhondda area with fully qualified coaches.


Our yogability classes are creative and dynamic, and focus on building mental and physical strength. They help build range of motion, and aim to decrease the chance of injury and provide an all over body stretch and workout.


These sessions are primarily designed to ensure each child has fun and interacts with children of their own age. We teach them the basic movements and how to exercise safely under the instruction of our qualified kids’ coach. They gain a better understanding of self-perception while ensuring they stay active.


CrossFit Hero workouts are designed to be both physically and mentally demanding. Most Hero workouts are more than 20 minutes long with some lasting upwards of 90 minutes.

A ‘Hero’ workout gets its name from a person who is in some way affiliated to CrossFit and lost their life in the line of duty. They may be military, police, fire service or any other walk of life that warrants honouring their name.

Although the workouts are generally tougher than most others, they can be scaled to suit any individual, any age and any level of fitness.


CrossFit Team workouts embrace the social aspect of CrossFit. A Team workout can consist of 2 guys or 2 girls, mixed pairs guy and girl or even a team of 3 people. They usually have higher rep exercises and can be slightly longer depending on the workout.

As a partner or team you would split the repetitions between you and one of you will rest while the other works. This means you can workout at a slightly higher intensity than if you were doing a workout alone. By pushing each other that little bit more you get a sense of achievement that may not have had from doing a workout by yourself.