Give CrossFit Initiate a Try

Here's an outline of our 'Joining Process' with an optional 'Taster Session'


Monthly Membership: £50

Personal Training: £20

3 Sessions: £12

Individual Session: £5

Induction: £60

Bootcamp: £4

Yogability: £5

Kids & Teens Sessions: £5


Fancy 50% off your next monthly membership?

In order to be eligible for this offer, the new member must register for a monthly membership once they have completed the Foundations training.

You will both then receive 50% off your next monthly membership fee.


If you are happy to go straight into the ‘Induction’ and want to by-pass the Taster Session’ that’s fine by us.


  • Book Taster Session – Free session in any of our classes (optional)
  • Induction – This is 4 Personal Training sessions where we teach you the basic movements and principles of CrossFit and build your fitness for regular classes
  • One regular class where you get to meet our members and get a proper feel for our sessions.
  • Sign up to our “Buddy System” (optional) – The buddy system is what we use when you have finished your inductions, with your permission we will pass your number onto one of our volunteers who will message you, meet you before the class and talk you through anything you may not be sure about so you don’t feel left on your own.
  • Once you’ve completed these you’ll receive your full one month’s membership.


Cost is £60 (cash) and this covers your four Personal Training Sessions, plus one regular class and one full month’s membership. You can book by telephone, or using our online booking form here.

Once you are happy that you would like to continue, you have the opportunity to set-up a standing order with us. There is no contract or minimum time you have to join for. Once you are a member, you have the opportunity to set up a standing order if you wish.


Click on the Service ‘drop down menu’ and select your session – Taster, Consultation or Induction.

Then select your date and time from the options that become available on the calendar.

Finally enter your contact details, entering any requests or questions in the ‘Description’ field, before submitting your choice.

Payment will be taken when you visit CrossFit Initiate.